Free educational technology seminar series tailored to your association

I'm partnering with Microsoft to help your association drive added value to your members by providing:

  • A series of Webinars and or seminars to educate your members in the latest technology.
  • Monthly Tech Tips to be offered to your members as a member benefit.
  • Free software for events.

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Please check out the video below for a better description of the program and how it will help you provide benefits to your members by associating with Microsoft.

"Great workshop yesterday! We had a packed house and a lot of great questions thanks to the topic. Thank you for introducing the idea to us and sharing your time with our business community. We thank you and Endsight for the community outreach and for providing our members and non-members with resources, knowledge and not to mention the delicious lunch!"  - Cynthia Duran, Berkeley Chamber of Commerce


The Community Connections Program provides the following benefits:

  • Monthly Tech Tips to insert in your newsletter or on your website.
  • Series of 12 Educational and non-commercialized webinars on the latest technology.
  • Donation of Microsoft software for each Microsoft Community Connections event
  • Support from Microsoft for your organization and its initiative.

Topics Include:

  • Did you know 60% of all businesses close after a cybercrime? 5 steps to safeguard your business.
  • SEO: how to get more people to your website and increase sales
  • What is the “Cloud” and how does it reduce technology costs
  • Office 365: Why 98% of the Fortune 100 have adopted this technology and what are the benefits
  • CRM: Now that you have leads, how do you track and automate your sales and operations?
  • 20 tips and tricks on Microsoft Office. Time to make your life easier!
  • Cloud and disaster recovery: 40% of all businesses hit by a disaster close because they had no disaster recovery plan.
  • The power of BI: Business Intelligence is the new metric which increases sales by 40% - learn why.
  • 8 steps to increase sales by 40% using email and network marketing.
  • Cloud servers: the financial and productivity case study. Why you should ditch the on-premises server for faster, less expensive technology.
  • Windows 10 and Skype translator: Yes! Windows 10 is here and you're going to love it. Did you know you can talk to people who don't speak your language? Now you can, instantly!

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