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Proactive IT Support OaklandThe lack of proactive IT support is a very consistent reason that people give for considering an alternative to their current IT support provider.  It’s also a clear sign that cyber security is a likely issue as well.

I’m often told, “I just thought my provider was looking out for this stuff.”  And the prospect’s  frustration is justifiable when her expectation turns out to be different from reality.

Everyone in the IT services industry wants to be proactive, but the truth is that most of the service providers in the east bay are small (1-15 employees). It is highly unlikely they have the scale or financial depth to hire someone qualified to do the work and even if they did,  it’s even less likely they’ve had the time to devote to develop a working processes.

Consistent proactive IT support requires real investment and scale

  1. You need to have skilled systems administrators with the experience to identify potential issues.
  2. You need to have the scale that will allow that person to spend ALL of her time on preventative work.  Even the smartest system administrator will fail if she has to respond to emergency support requests in addition to preventative work.
  3. You need a process that can be applied when potential issues are identified.  Knee jerk updates tend to break more things than they fix.  Process development takes time.  You can’t buy it and you can’t create it over night.

An Example of Proactive IT Support in practice

In late December of 2016  RingCentral, a cloud based phone system provider, issued a notification that an outdated desktop applications would stop working after January 15th.  Endsight’s Network Operations Center (NOC) reviewed the notification and recognized it would impact some of Endsight’s clients.

One of Endsight’s Sr. NOC Engineers queried our machine foot print, (thousands of machines) to identify the specific systems impacted.  Then he proactively upgraded the the Ring Central application on those systems prior to the mid January deadline.  (I’m summarizing a pretty complicated checks and balance process here.  Patches and updates can break as much as they fix)

This allowed all of Endsight’s clients to avoid the frustration that would have preceded the mid-January deadline.

And that’s the real challenge when it comes to prevention according to Joel Jacobs, Network Operations Manager at Endsight.  “Anyone ever thank your parents for getting you vaccinated?

Quality proactive IT support that is consistently delivered results in the appearance of “nothing” happening.  But as this example illustrates that is just the way it looks.  If you’re frustrated by your current provider’s approach to preventative maintenance I’d love to learn more about your situation.  Maybe Endsight’s approach might be a better fit.  We could start with a quick phone conversation.

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Acknowledgements – I didn’t come up with any of this on my own.  I’ve learned from others.  Click here to meet my teachers.

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