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Be Funny, make more friends, get further

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Be funny, make more friends, get further

Everyone can be funny if they can follow a process. I’ll never forget a Chris Rock Interview that I listened to.  That was when it dawned on me.  Comedians don’t just get up on stage and start making people laugh.  They follow a rigorous process.  The discovery lead me to… Read more »

The Bullet Journal: A pen and paper framework for getting way more done.

There are a multitude of tools and apps in the world designed to help us stay organized.  I’ve tried many of them, but I’ve never come close to achieving the organizational zen that I’ve hoped for.  That is until now. In this episode, my guest Aaron Lowe and I talk… Read more »

3 inexpensive things you can do to increase IT security

61% of cyber attacks by hackers each year involve small to medium-sized businesses.  At least half of those companies won’t even know the attack has happened until it’s too late. IT system security and data protection have always been important.  But as the statistics highlight, the need to focus attention… Read more »

Develop shorthand & communicate quickly and effectively with your team

It’s just easier to use shorthand. This is never more true than when working with your team.  It allows a manager to leverage habits and pre-agreed to norms of behavior to quickly communicate with team members. But to work properly, our shorthand needs to be carefully scripted so that we… Read more »