Stay in the know with a daily huddle

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1000 Windows 10 Thousand Windows helps victims of human trafficking reclaim their lives.  They do so by reaching out with trust and dignity to those who have been exploited, working with them to achieve financial freedom and self-sufficiency.

My first reaction to the daily huddle was, “What can we possible have to talk about everyday?”  But what I came to learn was that the daily huddle can be the cornerstone of a team’s meeting rhythm and a system by which everyone is constantly vetting, in a very transparent manner, their tactical actions against the organization’s  goals, core values, brand promise and core purpose.

In this episode I share how my team structured its daily huddle and I share a few articles about the topic.

Show notes:

Acknowledgements – I didn’t come up with any of this on my own.  I’ve learned from others.  Click here to meet my teachers.

Computer problems are expensive and frustrating.

They’re also almost always avoidable.    

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