About Jason

Jason Clause, East Bay IT Conslutant

Originally from the great state of Ohio, I relocated to the bay area to join the dot com boom of the late nineties. Since then, as an east bay IT consultant, I've had the privilege of meeting hundreds of business leaders and managers. These relationship have allowed me to collect some really good ideas about how to build culture, motivate a team, clearly communicate a strategy and much much more.

I work for Endsight, as an east bay IT consultant.    Endsight provides “all inclusive” outsourced IT support for companies in the east bay for a fixed monthly fee.  Broadly speaking Endsight’s clients don’t accept bad technology. Instead, they expect their technology to perform and they count on Endsight to deliver a predictable result that meets that expectation.

Endsight's outsourced IT service portfolio  includes help desk support, systems administration, strategic IT consulting and on-site, Sr. level IT engineering services.

I earned a B.S. in public relations from Kent State University and I'm a Microsoft Certified Professional. My hobbies include podcasting, snowboarding, creative writing, website application development and performing amateur stand-up comedy.

I created this Website, podcast and LinkedIn group as a way to share the ideas I pick up with a growing community of busy, east bay managers and business leaders.

The goal is to foster a community that helps it’s members create an "idea collection” of management and leadership best practices through shared experience.



What I Believe:

I believe in Jesus.  

I believe that he was born of a virgin.

I believe that while Jesus walked the earth he healed the blind so they could see and the lame so they could walk.

I believe he walked on water and that he even raised the dead!

I believe he was murdered on a wooden cross for me and my many, many sins.

I believe he came back from the dead.

I believe that he sits right now at the right hand of God the father.

I believe that one day he's coming back.

I believe that one day, he's going to hold me in his arms tell me that he loves me.

I believe that if you asked Jesus about that last one, he'd say, "I'm already holding you, and I have always and will always love you. No matter what!"

I believe he'd say the same thing to you because I believe you're that important to him.